Cybersecurity: It’s still about fundamentals.

At Ascension, we spend a good percentage our time, improving business functions for our clients. We work with the organization through effective process change and implementations of modern technical solutions.  Without question, we are seeing security becoming top of mind for leadership.   Many organizations are becoming fearful of the almost certain prospect, that they will become victims of a data breach and/or ransom-ware in the near future.

I have no illusions about technology and the critical need for cybersecurity to advance. Fortunately, the central issue of combatting cybersecurity still is about focusing on the fundamental principles of  security management.  Making sure security is an integral part of day-to-day operations.   Ascension will always remain neutral regarding brands and vendors, however, we are seeing the need for companies to use newer technology platforms to perform the needed and necessary operational functions. Today, good security means good business.

Strictly speaking the market is showing strong indications that Cybersecurity is a major issue and the market is pushing extremely hard to innovate and invest in real solutions.  Over the last year the S&P 500 performed with a 4.7 percentage improvement, however, companies such as CyberArk and Imperva have between 22% and 55% improvement over the same year.  Impressive!  Market forces are showing us the way.

Cybersecurity Stock by goldman 2018

I pray that the industry will focus efforts to utilize technologies such as blockchain and Machine Learning to help combat the security issue of today as well as tomorrow.

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Paul Scott

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