‘Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware’ 50Million accounts exposed…

As I began to read numerous news feeds and reports, regarding FaceBook’s apparent hack of over 50 Million user account.   I remembered an insightful debate in my graduate Business Law class, years ago.  Vaguely recalling, my law Professor contemptuously pontificating that Caveat Emptor should be applied to all business–not just between buyer and seller–rather “everyone should be skeptical” in all manner of business.

With that memory prominent in my thoughts, I became very concerned regarding the clear use of FaceBook content for social engineers to profile subjects; you and me.  Over 50 million pseudo-psychological blueprints of our behaviors–likes, “un” likes, visual photography and many more artifacts, directly tied to us.  A mother, child, father, friend–pick your own labels, most all apply to this situation.

Then a second question began to surface, which led me down the road to how FaceBook’s Authentication systems works?  Could it be fully breached?  Does anyone really know how many third-party applications use the FaceBook Authentication system for access?  I know of many…..but how many?  Let’s just say, a lot!

Where does this road end?  I’m not a big facebook user, however, I use it to keep up with a few friends.  We all know that a majority of users, over the years, have shared and accumulated a considerable amount of personal information and actual behaviors on FaceBook?

This specific situation may have significant impact on busineses.  Because these users, these persons, are employees–employees having access to the crown jewels of our businesses.

I think my professor was correct, “Omnis Cave — Everyone beware”*

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Paul Scott


*Google latin translator.

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