At Ascension, our consultants have been involved with Large Scale Change Management Services for over twenty years. We are considered by our clients to be an objective, trusted advisor that engages in providing transformational and technological change with a high degree of objectiveness. Our consultants have in-depth, real-world experience of working closely with a company’s management and operational teams. We assist businesses in transforming management structures, people and technology processes, as well as providing a wide spectrum of technical services to improve productivity and execution.

We are technology and process agnostic and work closely with you to build the right solution based on your business needs. We, the founders of Ascension, experienced in our own respective corporate careers, saw the need for transformative progress. We were tired of traditional consulting engagements and projects that never seemed to end or to get the adequate results. Our goal is to come along side you and facilitate a positive, long lasting change and then move into an advisory role as needed, leaving you in control of your destiny.

We focus on three technology practices CyberSecurity, Software and Leadership. Please select at the top menu each practice, for your review. Feel free to contact us via the Contact tab on the top menu.

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Currently the Washington State Legislative will likely pass a very strong Consumer Data Privacy law. As many of you know, California has already made the first step in clear language dictating that businesses must change the manner in which Consumer data is managed and protected. That legislation is called California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Many … Continue reading NEW PRIVACY LAWS AFFECT BUSINESS TODAY

Cyber Security: A Process Primer

Without question, we are seeing security become top of mind for leadership.  Many organizations are becoming fearful of the almost certain prospect, that they will become victims of a data breach and/or ransom-ware in the near future.    More than ever, firms need to take an offensive position and actively secure their organizations–the first step … Continue reading Cyber Security: A Process Primer

Industrial Systems Vulnerable to Hackers!

Security Week, a well respected online new service, announced that ” Several major industrial and automation solutions providers have issued advisories in response to the recently disclosed Wind River VxWorks vulnerabilities dubbed Urgent/11. “ It is reported that Company’s with systems from the following have issued notices and/or advisories regarding this Zero Day vulnerability. ABB Avaya … Continue reading Industrial Systems Vulnerable to Hackers!

Sharks are in the water for our data! Are you worried?

Earlier this year, I attended a Security Summit here in Seattle. There was a statistic sited that placed Cyber Security and Privacy Policy into the top three concerns for CEOs in America. PWC, sited this statistic in a recent 2019 CEO Survey (2) Also, only 38% of CEO’s surveyed, felt comfortable with their respective Cyber … Continue reading Sharks are in the water for our data! Are you worried?

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