Software Practice

At Ascension, our consultants have been involved with Large Scale Change Management Services for over three decades.  We are considered by our clients to be an objective, trusted advisor that engages in providing transformational and technological change with a high degree of objectiveness. Our consultants have in-depth, real-world experience of working closely with a company’s management and operational teams. We assist businesses in transforming management structures, people and technology processes, as well as providing a wide spectrum of technical services to improve productivity and execution. Ascension provide expertise in our three primary practices: Cybersecurity, Software Development and Leadership.  Our goal is to come along side you and facilitate a positive, long lasting change and then move into an advisory role as needed, leaving you in control of your destiny.

At Ascension, we spend a good percentage our time, improving business functions for our clients. We work with the organization through effective process change and implementations of modern technical solutions.  Ascension provides relevant industry experience to help you deliver your projects right and on time. We have an extensive network of seasoned experts available, at short notice, to bring years of expertise to your company to help deliver success.  We have Developers, Program Managers and System Architects to provide software services for your unique needs.   We have available expertise here in the greater Seattle area, as well as a very cost-effective set of teams, we call nearshore.  The Nearshore teams work on Central time, and work, act and deliver results as if in Seattle.

Culture, Culture, Culture!  Many of have heard this espoused, time after time, regarding companies valuing culture.   Working with our near shore teams, together we have worked through difficult discussions, technical design disparities and conflict resolution, handled as a singular team without culture differences. Rather, the culture is one that encourages; seeking answers, rather than, wanting customers to feel good.

Whether a small start-up or a mature, large corporation; culture has become a significant factor for success. Ascension and our Nearshore teams have excellent relationships to help our clients manage tight budgets while receiving excellent technical results.   Ascension has been experiencing success with these teams and appreciate this new way of looking at technology sourcing.

To summarize our software services, we categorize the following areas of expertise.

  • Software Development using Java/JavaScript, Python, PHP, C++, C#, TypeScript, Ruby and other platforms and services
  • Cloud migrations, O365 and Google Doc Implementations
  • SharePoint Development and 3rd Party software integrations
  • Integration and Business system architecture and refinement
  • Data Analytics
  • Program and Project Management
  • Regulatory and contractual compliance development and support
  • Governance
  • Other Technology and IT deployment services programs