Ascension Technical Group Welcomes John Winters, Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)

Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world,” according to a recent Forbes magazine article.  The World Economic Forum assesses a significant portion of these criminal activities go undetected.  Companies are struggling to protect their intellectual property. Ascension brings decades of Cybersecurity experience in keeping companies’ enterprise and data safe.  In that spirit, we are pleased to announce, John Winters is joining the Ascension team.  He brings over 30 years of experience protecting our nation’s most sensitive information, operations, and technology.  John has extensive knowledge of global cyber threats and has designed and implemented risk mitigation programs and directed large scale  strategies  for international organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

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Near shore vs. Off Shore development…

Culture, Culture, Culture!  Many of have heard this espoused, time after time, regarding companies valuing culture.   Whether a small start-up or a mature, large corporation; culture has become a significant factor for success.

I have found the same success factor, when using development teams outside the US. Some good and some not so good.   We have adopted the use of “Near” shore development teams.  We have excellent relationships with teams within Mexico and the Southern Americas.  The cost of using said teams, has helped our clients manage tight budgets while receiving excellent results.   I have been experiencing success with these teams and appreciate this new way of looking at technology sourcing.   I would relay to you, culture is perhaps the single most, success factor, that I have observed, while using near shore teams.

Working with these near shore teams, I have seen difficult discussions, technical design disparities and conflict resolution, handled very similarly to our US ways.   A respectful culture that encourages; seeking answers, rather than, wanting customers to feel good.  We have discussions that involved working through difficult issues and all parties are  working towards the solution and not an outside agenda.  In the distant past, unfortunately,  I and possibility you, have witnessed the opposite.  It has tarnished my view of sourcing, until now.  I don’t worry about losing meaning due to translation.  Or fighting over who has the better mousetrap.   Also, A HUGE factor, I can pick up the phone and call any of the team, within the relatively same time period of time– no more calling at 9pm or 2am.

I would encourage businesses to consider the use of near shore teams.  Where outside consulting and/or services can help you attain your goals, while paying less for the same result, the near shore option is available to you.  Feel free to call me @ 425-750-0670.

We have seen near shore work in the development of –

  • Systems and applications
  • Process refinement to reduce IT costs
  • High end Analytics
  • SharePoint and systems management
  • Development coaching for migrations to Agile and Dev/Ops
  • Systems refresh and re-architecture
  • Program and Project Management
  • Other Technology and IT deployment services programs