Yes, T-Mobile/Sprint is a good deal for all!

Someone recently asked me, whether I thought the T-Mobile/Sprint deal should be approved.  I responded quickly YES, the deal SHOULD be approved.  This is good for the companies, shareholders and consumers.  When I worked within the DOJ Transition Trustee Group for the Verizon/Alltel deal, I was fortunate to see, from the inside, how the deal works.   There are benefits that many do not see from the outside.

Most people do not realize that deals like the T-Mobile/Sprint deal involve all the carriers.  The deal will parse out geographical and spectrum area between the carriers.  This is to continue, to ensure consumers are not monopolized by a single carrier. The deal will help re-formulate customer focus on more offerings and products of both carriers.  Deadwood will fall out and new, better offerings will surface to the top.  This will take time, however, in the long run will be better for all.

For the shareholders, the value of both companies will, over time, prove to be valuable as one.  The combined firms will be able to compete head to head with Verizon which has had, since the Verizon/Alltel Merger, a significant advantage over all the other carriers, especially rural & roaming coverages.

2018 subscribers


As we enter the new era of 5G+, this is a must for consumers.  ATT and Verizon currently have a strong advantage, therefore T-Mobile and Sprint customers may be left out in the cold comparatively.  If fact, based on subscriber basis, it would not be fair to consumers, to reject the deal.  5G implementations are expensive and need to have the companies combined to provide expansion appropriately.

There are considerably more advantages over time, that will bear out.  I’m encouraged by the T-Mobile leadership and fervor to make this deal happen.  Again, this will be good for all!

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