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 Are we really protecting our company's and customer data?
Are we really protecting our company’s and customer data?

A movie was just released on Netflix, called The Great Hack“, which was directed by Noujaim & Amer. This movie describing how Cambridge Analytica was able to change the outcomes of elections here and abroad. As I watched the movie, I was first taken by the right vs. left political commentary–finding myself riled up, like most of us concerned with the devisive nature of politics in America today.

However, as I listened to the journalist from the UK publication, The Guardian. I began to recognize the deeper and far more insidious consequence. The real issue is protecting personal data from nafarious uses against the person themselves. What companies like Cambridge Analytica did and do, is exploit user data against the person’s themselves. Brittany Kaiser of Cambridge Analytica, spoke plainly, stating that firms like her’s, used People’s personal data, targeted against that person to change their personal views without their knowledge, understanding or consent. She called it “Weapons Grade Communications.” Wow!

This movie, coupled with the recent $5 Billion Dollar fine levied against FaceBook, has many of us asking the important question: I’m I really protecting my company’s customers data appropriately?

At Ascension, we are working daily to make sure ourselves and our clients are protecting both corporate and individual data in an appropriate manner. Lately, many of our new clients are asking themselves, “Are we really protecting our company’s and customer’s data?”

I would ask you: “Are you responsible….and if so, what are you going do about it?”

Thank you for listening to my opinions. Paul Scott

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  1. Terrific insight by Paul. Is it time for companies like Facebook to be finally under the watchful eye of the FCC like our communication companies?

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