Nearshore – Alternative for App Development during the Coronavirus Pandemic

With today’s pandemic and the economic uncertainty, companies are now looking for creative ways to move forward. Teams are considering alternatives solutions in order to maintain existing development,  or contemplating  new development opportunities with concern over meeting deadlines and budgets.

Ascension Development Group may have a solution for you.  We have clients that use our Nearshore development teams to help them on a daily or project basis.  The teams are based in Mexico. Many of the PM’s were educated in the US and many of the developers and testers as well, speak English. 

What does this mean to you and your company?   Here are some of the benefits to your organization:

•          Acceleration of delivery time

•          Meet  objectives alignments between business and IT

•          Expand  project portfolio  visibility

•          Increases team  productivity

•          Cost  reduction, realizing   a  25-40% saving versus US hourly rates

•          Two hour time difference in Mexico vs.  10 to 16 hours Offshore in the Far East

If you would like  more information on our Nearshore Practice or set-up an appointment  and discuss next steps. Please contact  Mel Silver @ 425.466.3459 Phone or email me., Website:

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