Economic downturn: Driving cost of software development down–alternatives to help your company.

With today’s pandemic and economic uncertainty, companies are now looking for creative ways to move forward, while reducing cost. Teams are considering alternatives solutions in order to maintain existing development,  or contemplating  new development opportunities with concern over meeting business deadlines and reduced budgets.

Ascension Development Group may have a solution for you.  We have clients that use our Nearshore development teams to help them meet new challenges.  The teams are based in Mexico. Many of the developers were educated in the US and speak English.

Cost reductions alone are realized by our clients of 25-40% versus US rates. We work on Central Time–working US all timezones. With Covid, most of us are working remotely and the future seems to point to more remote work than ever before.

If you want to discuss the advantages of nearshore, without any obligation, please call us at 425-750-0760 or you can email me directly at

Thank you and please be safe.

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